AntiViral Research Center In the Department of Medicine
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The AVRC is located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, north of the UC San Diego Medical Center



UCSD AntiViral Research Center
Theodore Gildred Facility
220 Dickinson Street, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92103


Parking for the AVRC is located in parking lot P957, at the intersection of Front and Dickinson Streets (see map).

Look for signs like the one in the picture below, and park in a space labeled "AVRC/HNRC Reserved."

lot sign

Walk into Suite A (the right side) of the Theodore Gildred Facility (the 3-story brown building) and request a parking permit from the receptionist. You will need to walk back to your vehicle to display the permit on your dashboard. Then come back to the AVRC for services. Yes, we know this is a bit complex, but it’s better than a ticket, right?

An alternative pay per hour (i.e. not free) parking lot is located at the west end of Arbor Dr., past the main hospital entrance.

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