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AVRC Hosts PrEP Focus Group

Participants needed to share opinions on HIV prevention medications
AVRC Hosts PrEP Focus Group

Truvada(c), a PrEp medication recently approved for HIV prevention


(SAN DIEGO) October 2, 2012 – On Thursday, October 4 the UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center (AVRC) hosts a focus group to learn more about the community’s thoughts on pre-exposure prophylactic (PrEP). Recently, PrEp was approved by the FDA as a preventative medication for HIVinfection. Researchers are interested in learning what men who have sex with men think about taking one pill per day in order to prevent HIV infection.

Researchers are also interested in learning what tools might be helpful in reminding people to take PrEP. One tool to help remind people to take PreP is text messaging. Researchers want to hear opinions from people who can advise them about a text messaging system designed to help people take PrEP when prescribed.

PrEP Focus Group
In order to conduct this focus group, the AVRC is seeking:
•    HIV-uninfected persons who are interested in PrEP, and
•    HIV-infected persons who are willing to share his or her experience in taking anti-HIV medications.

Focus group participants should be willing to speak up in a group setting and interact with others in the discussion of the topic. Those who agree to join the focus group will be in a room with a group facilitator, co-facilitator and seven to twelve other participants. Please note that HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected persons will be participating in the same focus group, so participants should be comfortable sharing their HIV-status, and be willing to keep status information confidential outside of the focus group.

The focus group facilitator will introduce a number of questions and facilitate the discussion. The group will last one to two hours and will be audiotaped and transcribed to ensure that all of the information covered in the discussion is collected. This audiotape will be used for program development and scientific research. All participants will be asked to sign a separate audiotape consent document. If participants do not wish to be audiotaped, they should not participate in this focus group.

Focus Group Participant Compensation

Participants will be compensated $15 for the time they are involved in the focus group. Food will also be served.

Time and Location of Focus Group

The Focus Group is scheduled for Thursday, October 4, from 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the HNRP (220 Dickinson Street, Suite B). Free parking is available in Lot P957. Please ask the receptionist at the HNRP for a parking pass.

Signing Up to Participate
If you are interested in participating in the focus group, please email or call 619-543-5011.

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